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How to Raise Capital -
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Growthink University, along with Growthink's simple business plan template, allows you to achieve your personal and business goals by helping you to:

Raise Capital  Protect Your Business
Develop a Winning Business Plan  Improve Your Salesmanship
Grow Your Revenues  Expertly Build & Lead Your Team
Capitalize on Internet Marketing  Plan Your Exit Strategy
Maximize Your Productivity  Successfully Start A New Business

Join our community of entrepreneurs and business owners who are starting and growing their businesses, and positioning themselves for multi-million dollar paydays, using our proven methods!

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Featured Resources
Growthink's Funding Pyramid™ - Critical to Raising MoneyGrowthink's Funding Pyramid™ - Critical to Raising Money
Understanding Growthink's Funding Pyramid™ is absolutely critical to your success in raising money. So, look at the pyramid right now, understand its importance, and start from the BOTTOM and NOT the top of it. . . . keep reading

Can Husband/Wife or Family Teams Raise Venture Capital?Can Husband/Wife or Family Teams Raise Venture Capital?
Can a husband/wife team raise venture capital? Can family members raise venture capital together? These are great questions that have good answers. And interestingly, while VCs have a general opinion on this matter, there are MANY exceptions to the rule. Your company could be one of these exceptions. . . . keep reading

How Much Equity Should You Give Your Management Team?How Much Equity Should You Give Your Management Team?
The question of how much equity should you give your management team comes up over and over again. Here are the guidelines you need to know in order to properly compensate your hires. . . . keep reading

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