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Interviews & Webinars

Watch the webinars and listen to the audios below to learn from the experts about how to successfully start and grow your business.

An Interview with Sales Expert Marvin Montgomery
I recently interviewed sales expert Marvin Montgomery. And I don't use the word "expert" lightly....Marvin has 30 years of sales training experience, served as director of sales for one of the . . . keep reading
How to Delegate Effectively - An Interview with Perry McIntosh
If you want something done right, do it yourself! We've all heard this one.But is it true?I think it is definitely true. With some caveats of course.But bef . . . keep reading
The Importance of a CFO - An Interview with Jonathan Weiss
There's one role in an organization that most entrepreneurs and business owners' don't really understand.It's not the Marketing Manager. That's pretty easy. The Marketing Manager is in charge o . . . keep reading
An Interview with Scott Jordan: Financing Your Business with Debt Capital
Recently I had the opportunity to interview Scott Jordan, founder of All Credit Lending Solutions. All Credit Lending Solutions was formed in 2005 to help small business owners in obtaining co . . . keep reading
Ken Lodi speaks with Growthink University about The Bamboo Principle
This is pretty amazing.After being planted, timber bamboo plants are hardly noticeable above the ground for nearly four years. But once their roots are fully formed around the four-year mark, t . . . keep reading
How to Find Your Weakest Link.. An Interview with Louis Croiser
I recently conducted an interview with Louis Crosier. Among other impressive accomplishments, Louis is the author of "Selling Your Business: The Transition from Entrepreneur to Investor." . . . keep reading
An Interview with Mike Carden: Employee Performance Management
I recently interviewed Mike Carden, co-founder of performance management review company Sonar6.  Mike discussed the importance of performance reviews and how an employer can best structure them. . . . keep reading
Increase Your Productivity TODAY: An Interview with Laura Stack
Most of us are familiar with Ivan Pavlov and his famous Pavlov dog experiments.To refresh you, Pavlov found that when dogs constantly heard a bell when they were fed, that subsequently, the mer . . . keep reading
An Interview with Dr. Alan Robinson: Creativity Lessons
I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Alan Robinson, an award-winning author and professor. Dr. Robinson discussed some interesting information revealed from his vast research on bus . . . keep reading
An Interview with Dr. Neale Martin: Consumer Behavior Marketing
I recently interviewed Dr. Neale Martin, author of "Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketer's Ignore." In this interview, Dr. Martin discussed certain habits that are critical for entrepreneurs to . . . keep reading
An Interview with Geoff Smart
Geoff Smart is Chairman & CEO of ghSMART, the management assessment firm for CEOs and investors.  He is co-author with Randy Street of Who: The span style="t . . . keep reading
What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Bruce Barringer
What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Bruce Barringer What do you think makes the difference between a good and a great entrepreneur? When I recently interviewed and asked this question to entrepreneurship expert Dr. Bruce Barringer, he gave a really great answer. (For those of you who have not heard of Dr. Barringer, he has authored numerous books on Entrepreneurship including . . . keep reading
5 Insider Tips for Successful Exit Strategy Planning: An Interview with John Davies
5 Insider Tips for Successful Exit Strategy Planning: An Interview with John Davies While the individual goals for every entrepreneur varies, most sophisticated entrepreneurs share one common goal when starting a business - to eventually exit the business for a large sum of money. . . . keep reading
An Interview with Ed Pendarvis
An Interview with Ed Pendarvis I recently had the opportunity to interview Ed Pendarvis. Around 30 years ago, Ed founded Sunbelt Business Brokers Network, LLC. He has since grown Sunbelt into the world's largest business brokerage firm with approximately 300 licensed offices. Also, Ed has personally managed the sale of more than 1,000 businesses. . . . keep reading
An Interview with Kevin Taylor
An Interview with Kevin Taylor I recently interviewed Kevin Taylor, founder and President of Obtiva. Wow! Tons of great insights and information for entrepreneurs looking to successfully start and/or grow their companies. Kevin started his software development company four years ago and has since grown to a team of 22 people and he continues to expand. In the interview, I got Kevin to reveal many of his secrets for success. . . . keep reading
Using Legal Counsel - Tips on Choosing and Working With Your Lawyer
Using Legal Counsel - Tips on Choosing and Working With Your Lawyer Last Friday, Growthink University members were treated to a presentation on "Using Legal Counsel," hosted by Michael Homeier and Jor Law, the founders of Homeier & Law, P.C. Michael and Jor covered a lot of ground on the webinar, including: How to avoid legal troubles as you start and/or grow your business . . . keep reading
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